If you’re struggling with back pain, neck pain or sciatica and you’re feeling at a loss, let down by the medical system or unsure about what you should be doing next to help your back, I have something exciting for you!

I'm Julia Pullin, a Chiropractor & self confessed natural health pioneer and I help the growing group of women looking for alternative and natural ways to get relief from their back pain.

For many women, their back can be a source of pain that controls their life and ultimately their love of life. I'm here to help you build a better back, regain your confidence and manage your pain so you can do the things you love, cherish and need to do!

Maybe, possibly and perhaps you're here because...

✅You’ve tried everything else

✅You don’t want to take painkillers or have surgery

✅You’ve been meaning to get your problem sorted and finally got around to it

✅Someone recommended you check us out (I love recommendations, they’re the best compliment!)

✅You’re fed up of waiting for appointments through the NHS, your health system or your insurance company

✅What you’ve been doing, up until now, is just not working for you

Whatever your reason, I'm so pleased you've found your way here because I will help you regain confidence in your back, get relief and reveal how you can keep it at bay.

Beyond Pain

Having a back problem is not all about pain (don't switch off, I know it's a HUGE factor, so hear me out!)

Let me ask you this question instead

"What is your back pain or problem stopping you from doing?"

Are you feeling inflexible and can’t bend, which stops you from doing simple tasks.

Perhaps you’re scared to do certain activities because your back feels fragile and weak.

You may be struggling with balance or coordination, which makes you nervous in certain situations, so you're avoiding them.

Then what about the little talked about emotional aspects of having a back problem -like how it affects your drive, confidence or how it makes you feel left out?

The struggle is BIGGER than the pain alone.

Busy Women Don't Have Time to have a Back Problem

As a fellow busy woman, I understand that you simply don't have the time to have a back problem!

I know that you're juggling your career, kids or grandkids, running a home, caring for family members and friends and trying to fit in a smidgen of a social life. (Many of us really do go to work for a rest!)

Pregnancy and the menopause come with their own challenges too (I've found that every level has another devil!)

It's hardly surprising that 80% of back problems are more prevalent in women,

I also know you're smart...you know that painkillers, muscle relaxants or nerve blockers can be useful in the short term but they are not a long term strategy because they're not changing the situation or tackling the cause of your back pain.

How Women Overcome their Back Pain

Many things are created out of passion and frustration and The Back Room was no different.

I found that many back recovery programs were missing so many pieces of the puzzle by offering just exercise. I also know, from my own research, that one of your biggest frustrations is a fitness fanatic (that's never had a back problem or is in their 20s) giving you a 30 to 40-minute routine with limited empathy regards your limitations, time constraints or (lack of) motivation to do the exercise!

They neglect essential parts of back recovery and importantly, when they should be introduced. That's because they've misunderstood or missed the point that most back problems (unless traumatic) are a general health problem that has finally revealed itself.

The Back Room was created to bridge that gap for you and help you overcome your back pain, neck pain or sciatica by revealing

what your body needs and when it needs it.

In my experience, back pain, neck pain or sciatica need a NATURAL solution which restores your overall health and your back health simultaneuosly.

"Together we'll find your mojo and build a better back!"

Make sure you also come and connect with me over on Facebook, where I post loads of helpful tips and content to help you, that I call BackBusters! The group is a positive and proactive space where women can share, support, help, uplift and inspire each other to heal. There's also The Back Room Youtube Channel with more videos on their way.

Click the links below to head over there.

Your BackScore

I've always believed that awareness is the first step of any journey towards improvement and your BACKSCORE is designed to create that awareness.

Take your spinal health to the next level with 12 RAPID QUESTIONS TO HELP YOU BUILD A BETTER BACK.

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50 Ways Women can Relieve Back Pain without Medication or Surgery

Sometimes it's hard to know where to start when you're not following your GP's instructions or advice, and I know some of you will feel like you're going behind their back but I'm here to say...

"Draw a line in the sand, become a pioneer with me, and explore other possibilities"

I'm a Chiropractor and self confessed Natural Health Pioneer that wants to show you there are alternative options to help you recover or better manage your back pain...and lots of them!

Click here to get your download and see just a few of the options and possibilities for you to explore.

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Become the next success story with my unique NATURAL method for back recovery with Your Naturally Health-E Back

You'll be guided through my unique NATURAL method for back recovery to get you the results you're looking for.


✅ The secret cause to your back pain, neck pain or sciatica

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✅ How to release trapped nerves at home

✅ How to get great results with minimal effort

✅ How to speed up your recovery

✅ How to check you're making progress


✅ The Everyday BackBuster Suite


✅ Your own bespoke BackBuilder Planner that fits your lifestyle

They'll also be some BackBusting bonuses too!

About Julia

Julia is eager to spread her knowledge of Spinal and NATURAL Health to help people through informative, high value and entertaining interviews, courses, articles or public speaking engagements.

Julia qualified as a Chiropractor in 1997, became the owner of one of the largest Spinal Health and Wellness clinics in the UK and has since helped thousands get relief, find their mojo and build a better back!

Her passion is contagious and she's got a 180-million-year-old fossilised spine of an ichthyosaur that she keeps at home!

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