The Back Room Community

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The group is a positive and proactive space where women can share, support, help, uplift and inspire each other to heal.

We're in this together

We will support you every step of the way and celebrate your wins with you. Plus I will be there, in it with you, to help you get relief, more flexible, improve your posture and find your mojo! You can ask me anything.

Surround yourself with the right people, that will be cheering you on to build a better back.

Become the next success story...

Your Naturally Health-E Back Course

Go through my unique NATURAL method to back recovery


The secret cause to your back pain, neck pain or sciatica

The surprise benefits of building a better back

How to examine your own back

The big mistake people make when they have a back problem

How to release trapped nerves at home

How to get great results with minimal effort

How to speed up your recovery

How to check you're making progress


The Everyday Back Builder Suite


Your own bespoke Backbuilder Planner that fits your lifestyle

✅ Plus some cheeky bonuses!


I'm always eager to spread my knowledge of Spinal and NATURAL Health to help people Find their MOJO!

Since 2013, I've spoken on stages with esteemed experts in the health and wellbeing field including Dr John Demartini, Dr Fabrizio Mancini, Dr James Chestnut and Dr Bruce Lipton.

I love talking at events! People go away with the tools they need to become healthier and happier.

My relaxed, fun, workshop style delivery, is a winner in any location from the shop floor and boardroom, to the big stage.

Those who have seen me speak call me “inspirational” and say “her energy and enthusiasm lifts the whole room”
and “everyone is motivated after a talk from Julia!”

Maximise your Recovery

Work with me 1:1

I've helped thousands of people naturally get relief from their back pain, neck pain and sciatica.

We will double down on your recovery to help you

Get the relief you need

Work out what's not working for you right now

Improve your posture

Speed up your recovery

Restore flexibility

Increase your energy levels

Stop you from needing medication

Help you avoid surgery

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