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7 Common Mistakes that could STOP your back recovery

September 08, 20233 min read

7 Common Mistakes that could STOP your Back Recovery

8 Reasons

I’m here to help you do everything you can to improve and overcome your back pain and it would be remiss of me if I didn’t warn you about the mistakes I commonly see too.


Mistake 1

🤦‍♀️Not getting inflammation under better control before taking any further action steps. When you try to move a very inflamed back - it will hurt!

💥Solution - Ice therapy before anything else.


Mistake 2

🤦‍♀️Doing the wrong activities at the wrong time. All too often, my patients ask me “What exercises should I be doing?”, when they’re at the beginning of care and there is poor nerve function to those muscles. Without good messages going to those muscles, most exercises result in minimal changes i.e. not worth it for the amount of effort. It’s more logical to relieve the nerve pressure first and then introduce exercise, where you will see better results.

💥Solution - nerve release first, stretches next, strengthening last.


Mistake 3

🤦‍♀️Thinking you can still carry on as normal.

You have likely got your back problem because of your current lifestyle and as the saying goes “Insanity is doing more of the same thing but expecting a different outcome”.

💥Solution - Identify what is affecting your back the most using the BackScore and change that first.


Mistake 4

🤦‍♀️Not trying something new for long enough.

3 days of ice therapy or 1 week of doing an exercise is probably not going to make a difference. Your problem likely developed over years and yet just a few days in you’re saying “___________doesn’t work for me.”

💥Solution - The 21 day rule. Try the activity for 21 days (minimum) and then decide if it’s working for you or not.


Mistake 5

🤦‍♀️The pain has gone, so I’m OK now.

Tissue healing takes time and most of the back conditions take 12-18 months for the tissues to fully heal. By the way, that doesn’t mean to be pain free. Pain relief is often the first thing to go but also, when unstable, the first thing to return.🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

💥Solution - Remind yourself that even when the pain has gone, true healing will take time.


Mistake 6

🤦‍♀️Falling in to the pain relief trap. There’s no denying that painkillers can be useful in some situations and because painkillers are convenient and inexpensive, there is a draw to them that’s irresistible however they are not a long term strategy if you want to do what you love and need to, for years to come.

💥Solution - True healing takes time, energy and it will likely cost more but the long term benefits are well worth it.


Mistake 7

🤦‍♀️Underestimating the impact of your choices on your back pain.

Eating a poor diet - widespread inflammation and stiffness

Postural changes or poor ergonomics- stress the nerves, abnormal pressure through the joints and muscles become fatigued

Stress - muscle tension, increased healing times, weakening of soft tissues, fatigue

Poor sleep - slower healing and recovery

Inappropriate activity - overuse/underuse, fatigue, poor recovery, weakness, reduced flexibility

💥Solution - be aware of where you fall short and start working on the one thing that will shift the needle to your advantage.


Before you beat yourself up about the mistakes you may have made, reframe them as opportunities to improve and take the necessary steps to make the changes you need to take charge of your recovery. ❤️‍🩹

Hope you find this useful ladies 😘

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Julia Pullin

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